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Hypmic Last updated 2020/03/19; severely outdated but no longer updated.

Jerma985 Last updated 2021/07/30 :)

Petz 5 Page complete.

Tokyo 7th Sisters Last updated 2021/07/05. Major WIP.

Vocaloid Last updated 2020/01/10. Not necessarily out-of-date, but will need to be updated eventually.


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My name's Reagan and I'm the weblord here!

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31 July 2021

Woo, another one done within the month!

  • Revamped theme colours
  • Reorganised site structure
  • New shrine and fan page hubs
  • Updated archive

5 July 2021

Back at it again!

  • Fixed guestbook and Jerma page since my old server is no longer up
  • Updated Reagspace
  • Added Asuka, t7s, to-do, and software recc pages
  • Hypmic page will no longer be updated (there's just too much stuff being added regularly)

10 January 2020

First update of the year! Site is now partially generated via shell script so pages can more easily have a consistent layout with little to no work on my end.

  • Updated colour theme
  • Updated Reagspace
  • Archive, links, and updates now match main theme

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